The Christmas Candle


We took the opportunity last night to view The Christmas Candle, produced by Rick Santorum I have to admit that I can be forgiving toward any movie that I can actually watch without fear of lewd jokes, cussing, or using God’s name in a derogatory manner. The Christmas Candle fits that bill. For that reason I can recommend it to be watched.

Whether you like it or not depends on what your expectations are going into it.

The acting was acceptable, which is not always the case in clean movies. Although the actors have English accents, it is easy to understand.

The Christmas Candle is based on a book by Max Lucado, which I have never read.  Although Lucado is a superficial author, I held out hopes that a strong message would be presented. Several times through the movie I thought they were getting close. Jesus is presented as the “Light of the world” in opposition to the misguided traditions of the local townspeople. The situation is perfectly set for the down-to-earth pastor to teach his people the truth. However, in the end, it is not faith in Jesus or even actions of love that matter, but the presence of a candle that has been mysteriously blessed by an angel.

If you are looking for something on par with other Christian movies such as Fireproof or The Grace Card, you will be disappointed. However, if you just want a nice “feel-good“ Christmas movie that is clean, go ahead and give this one a try.

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