Don’t Judge Me! Conditions for Judging (Part II)

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Although we took a short timeout to discuss the issue of the Sabbath, we have been looking at the conditions for judging. Although we often hear “Don’t judge me!” we have determined that judging is, at certain times, necessary. There are four questions that must be answered before we put ourselves into the position of […]

Don’t Judge Me! God’s Rules or Mine? (The Sabbath)

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In the previous section, we started looking at the conditions for judging, using John 7:24 as a springboard. In it Jesus says to “judge with righteous judgment.” This topic came up because Jesus was bold enough to heal a man on the Sabbath day, which perturbed some of the more “religious” folks around Him. They, […]

Don’t Judge Me! Conditions for Judging (Part 1)

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In the previous sections of this study we saw that judging is simply considering something and making a decision about it. When Jesus issued the command to “judge not,” He did not mean to ignore sin. Sometimes it is necessary to discern whether something is wrong or right. However, it must be done in the […]

Don’t Judge Me! What Goes Around…

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What goes around… Can you finish the sentence? Of course you can. What goes around . . . comes around. This is an old proverb that simply means that what you dish out will eventually get fed back to you. I’m not talking about karma, but about a biblical principle. In the previous article, we […]

Don’t Judge Me! Play by Your Own Rules

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Don’t judge me! Have you ever heard that expression? Have you ever said it? Usually that phrase is blurted out in disgust out when someone points out something they don’t like about another person. Sometimes we hear variations: “Don’t judge me just because I sin differently than you do.” “Before you judge me, make sure […]

Let it Go!

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Let it go, let it go! If that phrase means nothing to you, I suspect that there are no children in your house. Just like any self-respecting father of a juvenile daughter, I have caught myself humming the Frozen songs more than I care to admit. I want to make it clear that I have […]

Finding the Correct Key


OK, so I looked like an idiot. I’ll admit it. My wife and I had just finished our weekly lunch date and exited the restaurant. We nonchalantly strolled to our customary parking place and I proceeded to attempt to unlock her door. For some reason, my key wouldn’t work. What was the problem? Could this […]

History of First Baptist Church

Church on East Lincoln today

This past weekend First Baptist Church of Bremen celebrated its 75th anniversary. Here is the article I wrote for the newspaper. Thank God for 75 years of ministry! On September 23, 1939, a group of twenty-three believers gathered in the home of Frank and Arvilla Kiefer on Grant Street in Bremen, with the intention of […]

How to Preach a Funeral


One of the greatest privileges I have as a pastor is officiating at funerals. I realize that sounds horrendously morbid, but funerals provide the opportunity to help people during one of the biggest crises of their lives. This topic is fresh on my mind because I have preached five funerals in the past month, including […]