End Times Schematic


Someone recently asked me about the events of the end times, so I pulled up this schematic that I created several years ago. I decided to upload it to my website in case it is a help to anyone else. It is rather simple, so one day when I have time I may update it. […]

A Place Called Heaven


When the term “Heaven” is mentioned, most people have a vague idea of what is being discussed. However, they usually view Heaven as a place where people leisurely recline on fluffy clouds, sporting a halo and playing a harp, while Saint Peter busies himself with greeting new arrivals at the pearly gates. While this scenario […]

A Place Called Hell


The word “Hell” has become a commonplace term in our culture and is often censored as vulgar language when used as an expression. Although the word itself is not a “cuss” word, it can be used in a light and frivolous way, and there is nothing frivolous about it. Those who do not believe in […]