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Uncle Sam Needs You!

The year was 1914. Much of the world had immersed itself into what would become known as World War I. Although the United States had not yet become involved, American military leaders were beginning to make preparations. Participation in the conflict seemed inevitable. On July 6, 1916, the cover of Leslie’s Weekly displayed a picture […]

Are You Talking to Me?

Well, it happened again. I recently found myself browsing through the lawn and garden section at a department store. As I examined the large selection of lawnmowers, rakes, and chainsaws, I thought I heard someone say something. I glanced up and spotted an employee sauntering down the aisle. He was “sort of” looking in my […]

We ALWAYS Worship in Church

I have been thinking some lately about this whole idea of “worship.” We talk about having Sunday morning worship and Sunday evening worship. Maybe evening Wednesday evening or Saturday night worship. Every time the church meets together we call it “worship.” However, are we truly worshiping? As I dwelt on this question, I went back […]

Worship Defined

As Christians, we can become very involved in the experience of “worship.” We go to church and sing the songs we like, listen to the music we like, and sit through sermons we like. Then we leave and say that we have worshiped God. But have we? What is worship, anyway? The Old Testament word […]