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A Christmas Fantasy

Christmas has always been my favorite time of the year. As a child, the anticipation of Christmas morning hijacked my powers of concentration as early as September. Christmas Eve would find me lying awake in bed all night, yearning for the faintest sound of life from my parents’ room to pierce the darkness. I still […]

A Message for the Shepherds

As any dad can attest, some of the greatest moments of my life were at the birth of my children. On four separate occasions I stood in the delivery room and “assisted” (the midwife’s term for keeping the dad busy so he doesn’t get in the way) with the birth of a new child. Of […]

The Christmas Candle

We took the opportunity last night to view The Christmas Candle, produced by Rick Santorum.  I have to admit that I can be forgiving toward any movie that I can actually watch without fear of lewd jokes, cussing, or using God’s name in a derogatory manner. The Christmas Candle fits that bill. For that reason […]