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How Should I Vote?

How should I vote in this election? Unless you’ve been in a coma for the past year, you have likely asked yourself that question. After all, as everyone is saying, this is the most important election of our lifetimes. I believe it is. Of course, we hear that every election, but every election increases in […]

Seeking True North

Let’s imagine that you and I were planning a trek through a dangerous and previously unchartered forest out in the middle of nowhere. Yeah, I know that seems unlikely. But, hey, Bear Grylls does it all the time. Why can’t we? As we survey our pile of “necessities,” we realize that some of it has […]

Bible Translations: Methods of Translation

Click here to begin at Section 1: History of the Bible Now that we have considered the matter of the underlying texts, we have another dilemma to solve. We understand that some variations in Bible versions are a result of slightly different texts, but how can similar thoughts be worded so differently in different versions? […]

Bible Translations: Underlying Texts

Click here to begin in Section 1: History of the Bible It may not surprise you that the Bible was not written in English. The Old Testament was written mostly in Hebrew, although some parts were penned in Aramaic. The New Testament was originally written in Greek. It also may not surprise you that we […]

Bible Translations: History of the Bible

Imagine being a new Christian, excited about your newfound faith, and anticipating learning more about God. You know that you should read the Bible, so you wander into the closest Christian bookstore and find yourself in the “Bibles” section. You are not, however, prepared for what you find. There are black Bibles, brown Bibles, blue […]