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When A Little Is A Lot

I paused momentarily in the doorway, purposefully assessing my surroundings. We had just disembarked from the tram, negotiated the dusty corridor of a rundown furniture factory, and entered an abandoned warehouse. My friend and I had accepted an invitation to have dinner in this place by a family we had met in church while doing […]

How to Conquer a Task

Success! Triumph! Victory! While I may not actually shout these words every time I experience a sense of achievement, sometimes it is tempting. There is little that can compare to the feeling of accomplishment whenever a task is completed. It really does not even matter how big or small the task is. I just like […]

Wash Those Smelly Feet

On a recent visit to the grocery store, I saw something that disturbed me. Surprisingly, it had nothing to do with exorbitant prices or people wearing their pajamas in public. It was something I had observed many times before, but it still agitates me. As I struggled to maneuver my cart of merchandise through the […]

Uncle Sam Needs You!

The year was 1914. Much of the world had immersed itself into what would become known as World War I. Although the United States had not yet become involved, American military leaders were beginning to make preparations. Participation in the conflict seemed inevitable. On July 6, 1916, the cover of Leslie’s Weekly displayed a picture […]

A Christmas Fantasy

Christmas has always been my favorite time of the year. As a child, the anticipation of Christmas morning hijacked my powers of concentration as early as September. Christmas Eve would find me lying awake in bed all night, yearning for the faintest sound of life from my parents’ room to pierce the darkness. I still […]

A Bad Parent

I’m a bad parent. No, my kids have never told me that. They’ve been respectful of my strange (some may prefer “archaic”) ways. Maybe it’s because they don’t know any better. After all, I’m the only dad they’ve ever had. Maybe I am that way because I don’t know any better. I find myself raising […]