The Grace Card – A story of Forgiveness


I know this movie has been out for a couple of years, but we just got around to watching it last week. I love that there is a big push for family/faith-friendly movies, and this one is great, in my opinion. Built around the theme of racism, the underlying message reaches a deeper dimension. You cannot help at the very end but to think about the forgiveness that Christ offered to us. If we fully understand that, how can we refuse to offer forgiveness to another person? Furthermore, how can we think someone is inferior because of skin color, handicap, ability, or anything else?

I consider myself fairly picky when allowing movies to be shown in my house. If the name of God is used in halfhearted manner, if there is foul language, or if there are favorable references to illicit physical relationships, it is not allowed. The Grace Card had none of this that I caught. It is rated PG-13, presumably on account of references to drugs, racism, and violence (police chases, etc.). Once a derogatory racial word is “almost” used, but I did not see it as offensive in any way. If Courageous was acceptable to you, this movie will be also.

Is the plot predictable? Sure, but isn’t that the case with every movie? I would recommend viewing this film with your family, youth group, or anyone else who needs to understand the forgiveness of God.

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