A Letter to First Baptist Church

February 5, 2017

Dear Friends at First Baptist Church,

As members of the body of Christ, we each have unique responsibilities in the mission of God. He has given us the task of making and developing disciples and has provided each of us the abilities, passions, and visions that allow us to fulfill our part of His plan.

Sometimes God adds, removes, or changes our specific responsibilities according to where He can use us best. While we may sometimes be confused about what we should be doing, I believe that He will lead us if we truly desire His will.

God has shown me recently that He has charted a slightly different path for me, as I have been called as the senior pastor of Eastlake Baptist Church in Crown Point, Indiana. Therefore, I will be resigning from First Baptist Church.

This has been a very difficult decision as we have grown to love you. We have made friendships here and deeply appreciate every person who steps up to the plate to make things happen in this ministry. We have many great memories of the past nine years, and appreciate how you have taken care of our needs and shown your appreciation. However, after spending countless hours in meetings with the leadership at Eastlake, it has become clear that my vision for accomplishing God’s mission aligns very well with theirs.

We are all still going to be in the same work; just meeting in different places.

My last Sunday in the pulpit at First Baptist Church will be March 26. I feel it is necessary to be here for the Sportsman’s Banquet and I want to assist in making preparations for the transition.

While a time like this is difficult, it is also a great opportunity for you to re-evaluate who you are as a church and where you want to go. You will forever be special to us and we pray that God does amazing things here in Bremen.

May God bless you as you continue to serve Him!

Pastor Ben Hammond



  1. Ben and Lori, I hope God blesses you daily. I know this has been a big decision for you both. God be with you and Bless you. And I know from experience that the people will miss you and Lori dearly. You are great people of God! Jane

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